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5 Tips to improve traffic to your website

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Businesses today realize that a presence on the internet is mandatory in today’s world of computer technology and cyberspace.  Once businesses have established websites, the next logical question is how can they increase the traffic that goes to that site.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways which will be discussed below.

Make Regular Updates

Regular updates provide visitors a reason to return to your site.  No one wants to return to a site which has nothing new to offer – they have already seen the material.  Adding new content, new designs, and new layouts allows the visitors to see you are willing to update and invest time in providing the readers with new material.  This could be as simple as a posting once a week.

Make Use of Videos

Many people are visual and enjoy watching videos.  Just think about the draw of television.  Upload short video clips to your website.  This can be as simple as a short segment you make with your webcam discussing items that are applicable to your client base.  YouTube can be a host for your video, and you simply need to place a link from YouTube on your site.

Use Good Keywords

One of the most important aspects to increasing website traffic is to look at search engine optimization.  This means establishing a list of keywords which are applicable to your company and by which you want individuals to be able to locate your company on the web.  The second aspect of this is to make sure your site contains those keywords in the correct proportions to allow it to populate near the top of search results.  You can do this by using the keywords in descriptions on your site and by having a blog on the site with entries built around the keywords.  Your site does not have to be totally built around the keywords, but look to use the terms in 3 to 4 percent of the content.

Write Articles

Create articles on topics which surround the aspect of your business and post these articles on other sites.  Add a link to your website at the end of the article.  Individuals will read the article and click on the link for more information.  Once they click on that link, they are directed to your site, and you have just generated an extra hit.

Read Other Blogs and Provide Commentary

Blogs are everywhere on the internet today.  Locate some blogs which include subject matter relevant to your business and your website.   Provide interesting and thought-evoking comments in response to the articles.  Your comments do not have to “sell” your company; you can simply provide a link to your site at the end of your comments along with your name and company name.

Remember, a website cannot have too much traffic.  The more individuals visit your company’s site, the more likely sales leads will be generated from those visits.  It’s basically a law of averages and statistics.  Contact us today to see how we can help increase the traffic flow to your site.

What is the Objective of a Business Blog?

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Recently I’ve been noticing that a lot of my customers know that they need a  WordPress blog for their business’ website but they are unsure as to the why.

As a result, it is unclear to them what to do with their blog once it is created. These conversations have prompted me to share some of the ways I see a blog impacting a business’ website and customer base.

So, what is the objective of a Business blog?

1. To establish a relationship with a potential client

  • There are 4 tiers of connecting with a client
    1. Website home page
    2. Blog posts/website internal pages
    3. Newsletter/RSS feed
    4. Email
    5. Phone call
  • Each of these tiers offer a level for your customers to connect with you. Some customers may know that they are ready to work with you and will call or email your business. However, for those that are unsure, you need to offer them options of connectedness. If a customers’ only options are a phone call or browsing the website; you will find that your business will lose many potential customers.
  • Instead, by offering stepping stones of connectedness, customers can start by browsing your site and WordPress blog to learn about you. They may then choose to subscribe to your blog RSS feed or your newsletter mailing list. Then with time they will be ready to take the step of a phone call or email. The key point here is you are meeting their need to build a relationship with your business on their terms.

2. To add new content to your website on a regular basis

  • New Content simply means new text containing information on things relating to your business. There are 2 key reasons new content is valuable
    1. New content gives your customer a reason to come back and look at your website, especially if they are on your <span >RSS feed.
    2. New content attracts the Search Engines to your site, resulting in them viewing your website at current and relevant.

3. To increase the quality of relevant content

  • Google’s goal is to provide searchers with websites holding information on what they seek. The more relevant content you have on your WordPress  website & blog, the more your site <span >is seen as a valuable resource. This results in a higher placement in the Search Engine Results.
  • A high content blog allows you to keep the remainder of your business’ website sales oriented and not content dense. This is key as most customers prefer to scan headers and lists. Not wade through paragraphs. A WordPress blog allows those paragraphs to remain on your website without compromising the sale portion of your site.

4. To be able to add content without the assistance of a web designer

  • It is essential that you are able to control the content of your business’ blog on your schedule, not your web developers. There is nothing more frustrating then needing an edit done asap and having to wait on another.

…. I’d love to hear your comments on how you see or use, your WordPress blog impacting your business!

5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content by Kaya Singer

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5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content by Kaya Singer

I had my first website built way before WordPress existed and like many small business owners, I had it re-built numerous times. 

When Jocelyn appeared in my life I think I was on version four and I used a cumbersome content management software for editing.

Jocelyn kept telling me she could re-build my site and turn into a fresh, new WordPress site which would be way easier for me manage myself.

I was hesitant to spend the thousands of dollars, because the way I saw it, my website worked even if it was a dinosaur!

I’m sure some of you can relate.

The content was still good and this is what people connected with. They didn’t seem to notice (or didn’t care) about the old fashioned presentation. My business kept attracting new clients from my website, so I let it be.

However, at some point this began to bother me. I didn’t want my site to look old. I wanted a current professional site with all the bells and whistles. Last year I finally hired Jocelyn to re-build it and she added all kinds of cool plug-ins, I updated the graphics, and when the site was done it felt amazing.

The one thing that stayed the same was the basic content because it worked and connected to my niche clients.

I changed a few words here and there, but mainly is was the presentation and platform that was new!

My niche clients are either beginning entrepreneurs or re-inventing their present business. Either way this means getting a new website. I watch people get caught up in the whirlwind of web design, colors, sliders, imagery etc. This is all crucial of course, however for a service based business, the content is the king!

Regardless of how beautiful and cool your site is, if the words don’t empathize and connect with your niche clients, people will click off as fast as they clicked on. Your clients want to know you get where they’re at and how they feel. They’re looking for the benefits to solve their problem.

5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content 

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your site content and will keep people on your site longer and encourage them to navigate past the home page.

  1. Speak directly to your niche client and the problem they need help with. This is the very first thing to write, before anything else.
  2. Know the benefits they want and how that will make a difference to them. Articulate that clearly with a good headline and possibly bullet points.
  3. Make a one minute video for your home page where you say the first two points above. This will build empathy and connection on multiple levels. 
  4. Give valuable help immediately, instead of  saying how you could help. This might be a free ebook, video program, or audio. This builds more trust and allows you to get their email address in exchange.
  5. Post good before and after testimonials, because they carry huge weight!

Make sure you then put links in the content that take people to your other pages. Those links are like magic portals

I actually had all these things in my old worn out website which is the reason it did keep working. 

Now, 18 months later I’m shocked that my site is beginning to feel old again!

There are now new plug-ins that would shrink my website to fit into an I phone screen, cool new cool sliders and more! However, like you, I can’t spend $3,000 to change it every two years. I have to live with it much longer. Luckily there are a lot of things I can do to make it continue to shine. I can work on the content, make new videos and  continue to know my niche clients even better!

Have a look at your site.

How many of these five things are activated?

What kind of help do you need to make your content stronger?


Kaya Singer, author of “Clear Your Focus, Grow Your Business,” is the owner of Awakening Business Solutions.

An expert at niche marketing, she helps solo-business owners take their business from start-up to profit. 

Get immediate help with her free video program, Niche 360.  

Follow her on Facebook .

Dr. Shani Fox, Holistic Physician

Posted in: Client Stories

Dr. Shani Fox,  Holistic Physician work website site Shani Fox post number look jocelyn designer content Dr. Shani Fox is a holistic physician who wanted to upgrade the look and user functions of her website. The original designer she hired estimated that it would take six weeks to complete, but six months later, the site was still not up and running.

Accurate estimates, time management skills & endless testing

I needed a website builder, not a designer. I was looking for a professional who could accurately estimate the time needed to complete the job and make the back end of the website site as functional and flawless as the font end is pretty. I hired Jocelyn to create my new website which would be visually appealing to my customers, easy to navigate and function flawlessly – and this is exactly what was delivered and delivered on schedule!

What really drew me to Jocelyn was her background as an engineer. This really resonated with me, as I come from a family of engineers and know that an engineer will not only build, but test the functions of the product to ensure that it works correctly. She is an experienced project manager and I knew she would be schedule conscious.

Dr. Shani Fox,  Holistic Physician work website site Shani Fox post number look jocelyn designer content

She worked on problems until she found solutions and is an excellent communicator. She listens well and makes adjustments as needed and this made the whole process enjoyable. There were no unexpected delays or surprises and the end product was exactly what I was looking for.

Website optimization and post design assistance

I really appreciated the time and effort Jocelyn put into helping me understand my website optimization and have referred back to her personalized instructional videos on multiple occasions to make make minor changes and updates myself.

Dr. Shani Fox is a holistic physician who specializes in placing cancer survivors back in control following cancer treatments.

Finding Blog Topic Inspirations

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Finding Blog Topic Inspirations work website topic text SEO opportunity mail content blogger blog I know my website needs a blog. But what to write about?

This question is repeated to me time and again by clients. I even asked the same question when I began blogging. Then one day it hit me … I spend several hours a week answering clients questions over the phone and via email why not leverage this work?

This approach has proved invaluable to me as a blogger. By posting blogs inspired by client questions I accomplish many things.

  • First, I know my posts are relevant to my readers. As the saying goes, “If you have a question ask it. You are not the only person in the room who is wondering the same thing”.
  • Second, my posts are related to my work and thus on topic with the rest of my website. This translates into an increase in relevant content for my website, a powerful component of SEO.
  • Third, it gives me an opportunity to extend conversations beyond one person. Where an e-mail only connects me with one person, a blog opens up the conversation to the world.

So that is where I find my inspiration. Where do you find yours?

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