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SEO Techniques to Improve Website Traffic

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In order to earn sales leads through internet marketing, it is crucial for a website to be highly ranked on search engine results. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, ensures high ranking results for a website. Most site owners are aware of this and therefore adopt SEO techniques to achieve the rankings they desire. Some of the most useful SEO techniques and some do’s and don’ts are discussed here:

  • Web Page Title
    When a search engine reports a result, the first line of each result is the title of the website page. When the user reads the title, he/she knows the relevance of the website vis-à-vis the search criteria. For example, if you are searching for a web design firm in Portland and one of the results is “Portland based ABC Web Design Company”, then you know that the page or website is what you want. Needless to say, the title tags should contain the strongest keyword relevant to the particular website that is understood by both, the user and the search engine.
  • “Alt tags”
    Alt tags refer to alternate tags which are assigned to images. It helps explain the image as well as notify the user as to which image is missing if it (the image) fails to download. Additionally, it is a location to tastefully integrate keywords. Good SEO web design practice makes abundant use of them.
  • Keyword Density
    Keyword density is the percentage of the total word count occupied by the keyword/phrase on the web page. Strategic placing of keywords in the title and the body of the text will help to manage keyword density which is one of the essential SEO techniques.
  • Content Quality
    A site with rich and unique content usually ranks amongst the top in search engine results. Constantly updating the content on your site makes the site dynamic, therefore, search engines are more likely to rank your site among the top in the listings.
  • Well Designed Websites
    Creating an attractive website design is one way to keep up the flow of visitors. Many a times the users are put off due to a poorly designed site that is difficult to navigate or its contents are difficult to read. Website design for the site should be such that it can be viewed easily in all major browsers.
  • Pratices to Avoid
    Avoid bad SEO techniques like spamming which may cause your site to be banned. Your website should contain pages that are rich in content while using the targeted keywords. However, be careful not to overwhelm the reader with a very high keyword density.

The best SEO web design practice would be to keep things simple on your website. See that your site loads easily, is simple to navigate and above all provides useful information to the user. Following good SEO techniques will certainly help you achieve your desired ranking; leading to increased traffic to your site and an increase in business.

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Is your website making the sale? Learn the truth with Google Analytics

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Is your website making the sale?  Learn the truth with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help your business by reporting HOW people are finding your website and WHAT they are doing while on your site.

Today we’ll go into detail on how to determine WHAT visitors are doing on your site.

Once your visitor clicks through to your site you want them to take an action and it up to your website to have clear calls to action. 

Being able to track where and what your visitor does on your site gives you valuable information on which areas are working and not working on your site. 

You will be able to more of what is working and fix what is not. But you can only do this once you have the information. Without it, you are just guessing.

Google Analytics reports:

  1. How many people land on your site? 
    If a few people are spending a lot of time on your site and are converted (buy a product or take your specific action), that’s terrific. However if you notice this trend, but traffic overall is quite low, you’ll know that you must increase the number of channels that directs users to your site, either by referral paths, search engines or email marketing.
  2. How long does the visitor spend on your website? 
    You’ll be able to see which pages your visitor finds interesting, how long they spent on each page and how they are navigating through your site (eg internal links, main navigation, etc.)
  3. Is this a repeat visitor or is it their first time to the site?
  4. Which pages are visitors leaving quickly? 
    This will allow you to see which pages resonate with the visitor and what doesn’t  Ultimately allowing you to decide what pages to enhance, recreate or leave be. By utilizing Google Analytics you will clearly be able to see where you’re doing well on your website. It will become clear as to which areas of your website you should seek help.
    It will also become apparent which pages and what tactics produce the most net positive results.  You will feel more confident in your decision to invest time and money in areas that work for your business. You will know where to invest that yields the greatest return on investment.  And that’s what we all want right?  We want to be as effective as possible and see high returns on our investment of not only our money, but also our time and energy. 

Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics allows you to take control of your online marketing initiatives. It provides a comprehensive picture that will allow you to increase your online marketing effectiveness and ultimately assist you in yielding greater sales, profitability and success. 

If this sounds like it would be useful to you and your business, check out the video I made on How to Install Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

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Why You Need Google XML Sitemaps

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Google XML Sitemaps creates a map of your site that makes it easy for search engine crawlers to find their way around your site and to index all of your content.

It also has the important function of notifying the search engines every time you make an update to your site. This is vital to SEO. The search engines tend to be much more interested in sites that regularly update their content with useful information for readers.

So if you invested the time in writing new content, this plugin will guarantee you get every ounce of SEO credit!

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Jackie’s story in her own words

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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon Jackie Hooper is a public speaker, author and creator of, a place where she posts letters written from anyone to anyone and portray a variety of emotions. She released a collection of those letters in book-form called, “The Things You Would Have Said”.

Jackie loves to help people find their voice. She’s drawn to those who feel unsure about where they stand or what they have to offer, helping them recognize and believe that they matter, discovering their strengths, and believing in themselves, especially when it comes to their role in relationships.

WordPress.COM: Great for personal blogs, not for business

Jackie’s WordPress Story, in her own words.
I tried to make a website on my own using the free blogging service. Unfortunately, after spending a lot of time trying to figure it out I realized that what I actually needed for my business was a website with an integrated blog, not just a free blog.  I needed the ability to customize the look of my site, to optimize it for SEO, and to be able to integrate any plugins I needed; was just not going to cut it.

I started looking around for a website designer and found Jocelyn’s website. I contacted her, and immediately knew that she was a really good fit for me.

Mozak Design: Empowering the client

Jocelyn is a wonderful teacher. At some points I was frustrated, but in a good way.  I would ask her a question and in addition to answering my question she would make me a video or send me a link on how to do it. She said to me once that she wants to empower her clients to do this on their own. This was huge – to learn how to do all these things myself. It’s great that she’s excited to teach others how to do these things for themselves. She even made a page with all the video tutorials so I can go back to them if I do ever forget something she said. Especially with the kind of learner I am, her walking me through the process on video was a huge help. I now feel that I really am able to manage and update my site when I need to.

Coaching and looking at the big picture

What I really loved about Jocelyn was that she helped me with my website. She was a really great sounding board and coach. I came to her saying that I wanted her to replicate the site I had created on but on my own hosting where I could completely control the SEO and design. If I had just gone to someone else and said “Please just replicate this site”, they would have done it without question and then I wouldn’t have been happy with the end result. Jocelyn guided me through the process pointing out where my initial design would and would not serve me in the search engines. To me, website coaching she did was as important, if not more important than the actual website design work she did.

The website I had made was a picture of me in the center with a little tab at the top.  I had seen a website like this and I was trying to be artsy with it.  When we talked on our first call, the insight she provided was invaluable.  The homepage, she explained, is key to search engine optimization and to visitor engagement. While a graphic might be nice, if you make your visitor have to click just to be able to get to a page with information you run the risk of losing them because you are making them work too hard to learn about your services.

Jackie Hooper

She started asking me big picture questions like, “what’s your goal with this, what do you want clients to see right away?”  I think just talking through it all made me realize I didn’t just want a giant picture of me on the front but I needed to provide some content. So in a really subtle way, she said the way I was doing it was ok and then did a great job leading me in the direction I wanted to go. I feel that every question I had, she really gave me great answers and guidance.

Throughout the process, we joked because we both emailed each other tons of times back and forth and that was exactly what I needed. She gave such great attention to me and she would respond so quickly either with an email or gave me a call. In moments where I felt frazzled she would work right there with me and didn’t make me wait around.-

Would I recommend Mozak Design?


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Newsletter or Blog? The important difference

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newsletter-vs-blog2Many people ask me, “What’s better, a newsletter or blog? And what’s the difference?”. A newsletter and a blog have two completely different functions and serve your clients in different ways. 


Keeping a regular blog is important for several reasons and serves a different purpose than a newsletter. As search engines constantly search for new content, this is a great way to be seen and optimize your visibility on the web. Blogs should be written often, as often as three times per week if you have the time. When you’re writing keep in mind that your content should be written to the visitor who is in ‘search mode’. More than likely, a visitor will stumble upon your site while searching for something they need.

In this respect, remember that the visitor is seeking a solution, so when writing your blog be specific and offer clear and concise writing on:

    1. What their problem is 
    2. Your recommended solution 
    3. How they can find more information 
    4. How they can contact you

Just as you wouldn’t design your website to be read in ‘storybook format’, make sure your blog is scannable. Remember, visitors scan text, they don’t read. They are searching solely for the solution they’re looking for and will rarely take the time to read your whole blog, no matter how fabulous is it. 


Your newsletter should be a periodic email campaign that highlights items and stories within your website. For example, you could list snippets from a few of the blog posts that you put up the previous week with links to the full story on your blog. Remember, your newsletter should give your clients valuable information while guiding them to your website. When you’re writing, remember that your reader has signed up to receive information from you because what you have to offer is valuble to them. Your reader is requesting information from you. Make sure your newsletter has meaty content and include items that you wouldn’t be able to find on your blog. When it comes to frequency, newsletters should not be sent out more than once per week, and even that can be too often, so I would suggest bi-weekly newsletter campaigns. 


For both your blog and newsletter remember to include a photo or some sort of visual to catch the attention of your reader. 

What has been your success with blog writing vs newsletter writing? 

Ease of Use & Delivery

There are lots of great tools out there that will help you create and send email newsletters. At the same time there are also a number of helpful and easy to use WordPress plugins that will schedule and manage blog posts for your website. 


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