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Connecting with Your Customer

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Connecting with Your Customer

What will you say to them?

It is critical that you speak to your client on the homepage. It is not time to speak about how wonderful your business is. Instead identify what brought them to your WordPress website and how you will offer solutions.

How will you connect with your prospective client?

The best method involves offering a complimentary service that the client views as valuable. Options include: free phone consultations, providing an article or monthly newsletter full of tips in exchange for the customer leaving an e-mail address. This provides your client with a service in exchange for providing you with a method for future follow up. Even if the client is not ready to purchase from you at that moment you have a method for future connections.

How will you build credibility with them?

Once you engage your clients on the homepage, they will want to navigate deeper into your WordPress website. This is where you continue to grow credibility by showing all your business has to offer. You can include information on services, products, and links to related resources. WordPress blogs & articles are a great method for providing quality information to your clients. Coupons, hours of operation and physical location serve clients planning to visit your physical store. All of these pieces are resources to your customers; resources that they will appreciate; resources that will take your business to the next level.

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Designing a Website for Your Ideal Customer

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Designing a Website for Your Ideal Customer

Is your website bringing you the business you need?

So, who are your customers? This may seem like a silly question. However, I do not want you to focus on the breath of customers your serve. Instead, consider the ideal customer you want to reach. 

Imagine your perfect customer just walked through the door. 

  • Who are they?

  • Why are they coming to you today?

  • How will you solve their issue?

Once you know who your ideal client is, you can design your website to serve them.

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Squidoo – It’s Truly Amazing!

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Squidoo – It’s Truly Amazing!

Increase web traffic

There are numerous websites that allow you to create a web-page for any topic under the sun. One among them is It is a fairly recent site, created by Seth Godin, a marketing expert. The site is greatly popular among internet users for driving traffic to their own sites; in other words, it is a great marketing tool.

Squidoo web pages are known as ‘lenses’. Anyone can create a Squidoo lense. For this, you need not be a technical wizard, as you can have a lense of your own in three easy steps. The best part is that you can include all kinds of modules to make a site that is interactive and keeps your visitors involved.

Here are some examples of what you can include in your lense to SEO your small business:

  • Creating Text Blocks enables you to make blog entries or post your articles.
  • Setting up an interactive poll will keep your visitors involved in your business.
  • You can keep your lense updated and active by allowing the visitors to give their comments. You may ask them to link their own lense to yours.

The best part of Squidoo is that it has the capability to drive appropriate traffic to your website, which in turn translates to large volume sales. Besides, you can also provide links to products sold on eBay, Amazon and other product vending sites. What’s more, you earn a commission for any sale that has taken place from these links!  And mind you, is completely free!

Search engines like Google usually top rank long tail keyword phrases at Squidoo. You can thus create a network of lenses on Squidoo to target keyword phrases that will direct the search engines to your site. It is always a good practice to include some readable and informative content in the lense in order to target the visitors to your main site.

However, if the lense for your particular keyword is already in existence, you may need to get it transferred or purchase it. This is an ideal situation for you because you are getting a readymade lense without making any effort.

The early bird small businesses users of are already earning the benefits. You can do it too. Since search engine optimization or SEO is the backbone of internet businesses, each relevant keyword phrase can have a squidoo lense devoted to it.

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Has Your WordPress Website Lost Its Focus?

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Has Your WordPress Website Lost Its Focus?

Does it communicate your core business or something else?

Does it speak to your current customers? You may find that it no longer serves your business in the way it once did. It’s time to revamp your site and rediscover your business core.

Consider the following questions about your business

  • What inspired you to create your business?
  • What is your core product or service?
  • What aspect of your business are you most proud of?
  • What makes your service unique?

You may want to take a blank sheet of paper and ponder these questions for a moment.

These questions are designed to get to the heart of your business. Over time businesses grow. Sometimes we forget our core focus. We want to share all that we have to offer. Yet, when you are not clear about your primary service it’s challenging to present your business to customers. Yes, everything you offer can be mentioned.

But your core, your uniqueness, is what you want potential customers to see when they first come to your wordpress website. That needs to be the focus.

Have you lost your business focus in the past? How did you get back on track? A penny for your thoughts.