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Elie Cole, Nourishing Medicine

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Elie Cole, Nourishing Medicine work website site SEO Portland picture Nourishing Medicine look jocelyn Elie Cole designer business I created my first website when I was in school, then 4 years later, it was like, “Wow, I have a lot more offerings now than I did then”. I just kept adding on and adding on. Eventually it resembled a studio apartment that looks like a big house but nothing really matches and you can’t get anywhere. My business had shifted and grown enough that I decided it was time to invest in a new website.

Jocelyn helped me a couple of years ago doing some SEO work on my old site. We then met again at a women’s business retreat. Half the people there seemed to have worked with Jocelyn on developing their website and were raving about how great it was to work with her. It was a no brainer, you go with the personal references.

I liked that we started off when an in person meeting with her and her designer Kathleen. This set the stage and we got the big picture sorted out. My biggest kudos is her responsiveness. Everything was done really quickly and she responded to my emails, lightening speed. If I ever had any little problem it was fixed before I could even hit send on my email practically.

Working with her via email was really nice because I’m really busy. I don’t do a lot of meetings because I have so much going on.  For me, communicating via email was a great help. It was convenient and quick. And, she always seemed to know what I wanted even if I didn’t. It was great.  She would give me a couple of choices, but not too many choices on how something was going to look or function, gave me examples and I could easily choose the solution. It was seamless.

Elie Cole, Nourishing Medicine work website site SEO Portland picture Nourishing Medicine look jocelyn Elie Cole designer business My website now reflects me and gives my business a professional and organized feel with consistency. Even though I had functions such as scheudling appointments, classes and a shopping cart, Jocleyn helped me to upgrade these areas so they would work more smoothly. These updates alone has given my visitors a sense that “ hey, this person knows what they’re doing and has their stuff sorted out”.

Elie Cole studied massage therapy, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Therapist. She is owner of Nourishing Medicine and co-owner of Cypress Beauty and Wellness in Portland, Oregon.


5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content by Kaya Singer

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5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content by Kaya Singer

I had my first website built way before WordPress existed and like many small business owners, I had it re-built numerous times. 

When Jocelyn appeared in my life I think I was on version four and I used a cumbersome content management software for editing.

Jocelyn kept telling me she could re-build my site and turn into a fresh, new WordPress site which would be way easier for me manage myself.

I was hesitant to spend the thousands of dollars, because the way I saw it, my website worked even if it was a dinosaur!

I’m sure some of you can relate.

The content was still good and this is what people connected with. They didn’t seem to notice (or didn’t care) about the old fashioned presentation. My business kept attracting new clients from my website, so I let it be.

However, at some point this began to bother me. I didn’t want my site to look old. I wanted a current professional site with all the bells and whistles. Last year I finally hired Jocelyn to re-build it and she added all kinds of cool plug-ins, I updated the graphics, and when the site was done it felt amazing.

The one thing that stayed the same was the basic content because it worked and connected to my niche clients.

I changed a few words here and there, but mainly is was the presentation and platform that was new!

My niche clients are either beginning entrepreneurs or re-inventing their present business. Either way this means getting a new website. I watch people get caught up in the whirlwind of web design, colors, sliders, imagery etc. This is all crucial of course, however for a service based business, the content is the king!

Regardless of how beautiful and cool your site is, if the words don’t empathize and connect with your niche clients, people will click off as fast as they clicked on. Your clients want to know you get where they’re at and how they feel. They’re looking for the benefits to solve their problem.

5 Ways to Energize Your Website Content 

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your site content and will keep people on your site longer and encourage them to navigate past the home page.

  1. Speak directly to your niche client and the problem they need help with. This is the very first thing to write, before anything else.
  2. Know the benefits they want and how that will make a difference to them. Articulate that clearly with a good headline and possibly bullet points.
  3. Make a one minute video for your home page where you say the first two points above. This will build empathy and connection on multiple levels. 
  4. Give valuable help immediately, instead of  saying how you could help. This might be a free ebook, video program, or audio. This builds more trust and allows you to get their email address in exchange.
  5. Post good before and after testimonials, because they carry huge weight!

Make sure you then put links in the content that take people to your other pages. Those links are like magic portals

I actually had all these things in my old worn out website which is the reason it did keep working. 

Now, 18 months later I’m shocked that my site is beginning to feel old again!

There are now new plug-ins that would shrink my website to fit into an I phone screen, cool new cool sliders and more! However, like you, I can’t spend $3,000 to change it every two years. I have to live with it much longer. Luckily there are a lot of things I can do to make it continue to shine. I can work on the content, make new videos and  continue to know my niche clients even better!

Have a look at your site.

How many of these five things are activated?

What kind of help do you need to make your content stronger?


Kaya Singer, author of “Clear Your Focus, Grow Your Business,” is the owner of Awakening Business Solutions.

An expert at niche marketing, she helps solo-business owners take their business from start-up to profit. 

Get immediate help with her free video program, Niche 360.  

Follow her on Facebook .

Designing a Website for Your Ideal Customer

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Designing a Website for Your Ideal Customer

Is your website bringing you the business you need?

So, who are your customers? This may seem like a silly question. However, I do not want you to focus on the breath of customers your serve. Instead, consider the ideal customer you want to reach. 

Imagine your perfect customer just walked through the door. 

  • Who are they?

  • Why are they coming to you today?

  • How will you solve their issue?

Once you know who your ideal client is, you can design your website to serve them.

Share you thoughts and experiences with us.

Social Confidence Center, Azia Gazipura

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Social Confidence Center, Azia Gazipura work website jocelyn designer communication business address Jocelyn was the first website designer I had ever worked with. I actually never had a website previously. Jocelyn came highly recommend, so I checked out her website and a few websites that she designed. Her websites looked good to me, so I decided to work with her.

She was great to work with. A high level of responsiveness is one of the top musts when I’m working with someone and she had it. I liked how prompt she was with her communication. She would get back to me via email very quickly. She would let me know that she had received my email and would immediately address my concern or at least let me know when she would be able to get to the particular task or concern that I had emailed her about.

The website she designed has been helpful to my business. She was able to create a connectivity between clients and myself through my website. She’s helped me grow my business. 

Aziz is a private practice psychologist, helping men and women deal with their anxiety and become more confident in themselves.

Effective Webpage Design

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Effective Webpage Design work Website Design Platform website visitor site page information Effective Webpage Design Design client business action One of the most important things to remember when your designing your website is to remember first and foremost, that it’s not about you, it’s about your client. Instead of broadcasting all the wonderful things you do, speak to the emotional needs of the client.

In addition, there are many structural things you can do maximize the effectiveness of your web page’s presentation. Starting with …

Make your page scan-able

1-2-3 Format

People do not want to read paragraphs, in fact most individuals when they’re online don’t read, they scan.  It is your job to create a format that is very easy for them to scan, especially on your homepage. Typically, I recommend homepages to be constructed using a 1-2-3 pattern. First, use color as the headline, second add some opening text, maybe two sentences, and then follow this with a list of bullet points. Each bullet point should speak to a different need that a client might have and link to the appropriate page inside your site that meets these needs.


Remember, the visitor doesn’t want to know about all the widgets you have for sale. They want to solve their problem and therefore they will scan for familiar keywords and use familiar navigation tools to find their solution. This is where the bullet list comes into play. By using bullet points, they can easily find what they want and immediately be linked to the information needed without having to read through irrelevant data.


The best thing to do is sit back and ask yourself, “If I could only share one thing with a visitor on my website, what would it be? If I could only share two things, what would it be?”, and build your website in this manor, only stressing your most important business attributes. While you may offer a number of services and/or products, you don’t want to overshadow the core business because you’ve cluttered your website with everything that you do. Keep the website and its navigation clean. Make it easy for your visitor to find what they’re looking for.

Connecting pages

Let the connecting pages tell your story and help your visitor understand more about how you can solve their problem. These pages are intended to give your visitor a more in depth solution and ways in which you can help them. 


As you move down the page I would repeat the pattern of color header, followed by a few lines of text and again a bulleted list. Pictures also make a nice way of breaking up the text and keeping the page interesting as well as invoking emotion. Much like a headline can be eye catching, the combination of the right wording and a strong image can create a mood and a point that will make your page far more effective.

Use familiar navigation terms

You want to have only five to seven words along your navigation. More than that gets very overwhelming to the visitor. I realize this can be a challenge for business owners, especially when they’re young in their business, as they want to broadcast absolutely everything they do. Don’t get too clever with your navigation. Keep it simple. Home. Blog. Products. Services. About Us. Contact Us. Portfolio. These are all keywords that people are used to looking for when seeking specific types of information on a website.

Don’t make your visitor work; instead lead them to action

One of the general rules of website development is to never make your client work. You want to make sure your contact information is all over the place. If they’ve decided at any moment that they want to reach you, do not make them work to figure out how to get in touch with you. Have that information very available on every page. Also, when clients hit the end of the page, don’t leave them hanging. Take them to the next step, whether that would be an invitation to contact you or an invitation to check out something else out on your website. You want to be guiding them every step of the way. 

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Share your thoughts on this topic with us today. Do you have a specific question on the topic that wasn’t answered here? Email us directly, with your specific question. 

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