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Kaya Singer, Awakening Business Solutions

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Kaya-4-10-BU-287x300[1]Meet Kaya,

A modern business owner

Kaya is the business owner of Awakening Business Solutions and her talent is in helping others overcome mental blocks, and to assist in developing and growing their business. Her strengths are her ability to create processes and tools that makes it easy for people to understand business and to make a permanent shift from the inside out.

Kaya’s website, a common situation 

Kaya had been using her website as a  communication tool. She was using an HTML based platform using Adobe Contribute publishing software. The website was functional, it did its job, but Kaya was frustrated that she had to purchase Adobe’s updates in order to keep her site functional. The updates increased in frequency and for each upgrade she had to shell out a pretty penny.

She was also limited to using one computer for administrative access. This became problematic as her business grew and she needed to have access away from her home computer to perform updates.

It had been a few years since she had originally designed her business’ website and Kaya felt it was time for a new look and energy that reflected her growing business.

WordPress Website DesignerKnowing what you want

Kaya realized she needed more than just a website face-lift. She needed a platform that was easier to use and less costly. A website that made it easier to navigate and one that would increase potential clients to contact her via her site. By this time she has been working with Jocelyn Mozak for several months, as her Business Coach. “I already had a relationship with Jocelyn, already hired her for small jobs and knew that she was good communicator and worked quickly. I knew she would do a good job. She does what she says she’s going to do and she’s supportive at the same time. It’s hard to find someone like this. I finally I knew what I needed.” Kaya hired Mozak Design for the job.

Working together, creating positive business impacts

Jocelyn worked together with Kaya side by side to create a site that was more suited to her client’s needs and reached out to her target market in a clear and creative way. Kaya reflects on her experience and says that her new website, “reflects the culture of my business…it wasn’t bad before, the content is about the same, but the presentation part is much better. The new site’s navigation is much clearer and easier to use by nature, WordPress is functional and easy to use. It’s great to have some bells and whistles on the footer, and I love the way the Blog post goes on the bottom. The site has an impact.”

Maximizing your WordPress Blog’s Marketing

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Maximizing your WordPress Blog’s Marketing

Is your WordPress blog integrated with your website?

By this I mean, is the blog built into the website so it feels like any other page is the site. If it is not, you are missing a valuable opportunity to maximize your blog’s impact on your business.

To understand why, let’s look at how traffic flows to your site. Typically, web traffic that goes to your homepage reflects someone who either 1) Knows of your business by name or 2) Is looking for a specific product or service

Your WordPress blog on the other hand tends to draw traffic based on an interest in a topic or a solution to a problem. In both cases they are each bringing new visitors to your business. What is missed by not integrating your wordpress blog seamlessly with your website is the cross marketing that can occur.

A new client may discover your website by searching for a service you provide. Yet, if your business has not been recommended to them, how can you instill confidence that you are an expert? Likewise, a client may have Googled a topic and arrived on your blog, yet how are they to your you offer services as well?

By integrating the two; your website and your WordPress blog you get the best of both worlds. A potential client who lands on your site can see you as an expert and build his trust in you through your business’ blog. Likewise, someone who happens to find your blog will notice that you are a business and offer relevant services. By having the two pieces presented the same way they work together to showcase your business.

SEO Techniques to Improve Website Traffic

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In order to earn sales leads through internet marketing, it is crucial for a website to be highly ranked on search engine results. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, ensures high ranking results for a website. Most site owners are aware of this and therefore adopt SEO techniques to achieve the rankings they desire. Some of the most useful SEO techniques and some do’s and don’ts are discussed here:

  • Web Page Title
    When a search engine reports a result, the first line of each result is the title of the website page. When the user reads the title, he/she knows the relevance of the website vis-à-vis the search criteria. For example, if you are searching for a web design firm in Portland and one of the results is “Portland based ABC Web Design Company”, then you know that the page or website is what you want. Needless to say, the title tags should contain the strongest keyword relevant to the particular website that is understood by both, the user and the search engine.
  • “Alt tags”
    Alt tags refer to alternate tags which are assigned to images. It helps explain the image as well as notify the user as to which image is missing if it (the image) fails to download. Additionally, it is a location to tastefully integrate keywords. Good SEO web design practice makes abundant use of them.
  • Keyword Density
    Keyword density is the percentage of the total word count occupied by the keyword/phrase on the web page. Strategic placing of keywords in the title and the body of the text will help to manage keyword density which is one of the essential SEO techniques.
  • Content Quality
    A site with rich and unique content usually ranks amongst the top in search engine results. Constantly updating the content on your site makes the site dynamic, therefore, search engines are more likely to rank your site among the top in the listings.
  • Well Designed Websites
    Creating an attractive website design is one way to keep up the flow of visitors. Many a times the users are put off due to a poorly designed site that is difficult to navigate or its contents are difficult to read. Website design for the site should be such that it can be viewed easily in all major browsers.
  • Pratices to Avoid
    Avoid bad SEO techniques like spamming which may cause your site to be banned. Your website should contain pages that are rich in content while using the targeted keywords. However, be careful not to overwhelm the reader with a very high keyword density.

The best SEO web design practice would be to keep things simple on your website. See that your site loads easily, is simple to navigate and above all provides useful information to the user. Following good SEO techniques will certainly help you achieve your desired ranking; leading to increased traffic to your site and an increase in business.

NEVER have the WP username “admin”

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When you install a WordPress blog, the blogging software creates an user called admin that, not too surprisingly, has all of your administrator privileges built into it.

But, unfortunately, it’s also a major security hole.

Everyone—especially hackers—knows that the vast majority of WordPress driven sites are controlled via this admin account.

For a hacker, this means that they start out 50% of the way toward getting into your account, defacing your website and toward doing any of the other nefarious activities with which they’re associated.

It’s best to delete this account and to give another user administrator privileges.

You simply log in as administrator and create a new account. Give it a name that isn’t obvious. For example, avoid “administrator” and “root” and give the account a more exotic name. Once it’s created, pass along administrator privileges to this new account. Now, log out of your admin account, log into the new account and delete it. 

After you’ve created this new account, make sure you give it a strong password.

Any password for an administrator account should have at least 8 characters, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as symbols. You’ll want to make certain that this password is never a dictionary word. A dictionary word opens you up to what’s called a brute force attack, where a hacker simply uses software to enter word after word into the password field until one of them opens up the account.

Between having a username that isn’t obvious and a password that has little chance of being guessed by a brute force attack, you’ll have much better security on your blog.

Login LockDown Security Plug-in

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One of the most common forms of attack used by hackers is called a brute force attack.

This attack involves testing password after password on a WordPress account until one of them hits and opens up the administration features of the blog. To avoid becoming the victim of such an attack, the Login LockDown plug-in is a good choice. 

With a brute force attack, the hacker is reliant on the site giving them unlimited login attempts.

A plug-in such as Login LockDown limits the amount of times that an failed attempt can be made from a block of IP addresses before the system shuts out the hacker entirely. It also creates a log of the IP addresses from which the attempt was made.

The way this plug-in works is very smart.

If there are more than three failed login attempts within a period of 5 minutes, the originating IP range is blocked from making any further login attempts. This basically removes the brute force attack as a viable means of hacking into your blog.

The log allows you to see where the attempt was made from and, if you choose, to unlock those IP addresses again so that a legitimate user can get back into their account. In most cases, however, you’ll probably find that you have no real reason to open up the IP range again, as there’s little chance that someone would repetitively try to get into their account in this fashion.

This simple plug-in, or others like it, can vastly increase your website’s security and is a necessity for everyone.

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