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Here are what some of our clients have to say …

She was great to work with. A high level of responsiveness is one of the top musts when I’m working with someone and she had it. I liked how prompt she was with her communication. She would get back to me via email very quickly. She would let me know that she had received my email and would immediately address my concern or at least let me know when she would be able to get to the particular task or concern that I had emailed her about.

The website she designed has been helpful to my business. She was able to create a connectivity between clients and myself through my website. She’s helped me grow my business.

Aziz Gazipura
Social Confidence Center

Jocelyn is a wonderful teacher. At some points I was frustrated, but in a good way. I would ask her a question and in addition to answering my question she would make me a video or send me a link on how to do it.

She said to me once that she wants to empower her clients to do this on their own. This was huge – to learn how to do all these things myself.

It’s great that she’s excited to teach others how to do these things for themselves. She even made a page with all the video tutorials so I can go back to them if I do ever forget something she said. Especially with the kind of learner I am, her walking me through the process on video was a huge help.

I now feel that I really am able to manage and update my site when I need to.

Jackie Hooper
Jackie Hooper, Writer, Life Coach & Speaker

I think Jocelyn really wants her clients to be happy, and she has an excellent skill to take what she knows, from a super engineering standpoint and a visual standpoint and translate it into language that someone who doesn’t have those same kind of skills or understanding can relate to and I think that’s valuable to anybody.

She’s very intelligent and she grasps quickly what her client is wanting. Or if they don’t know what they are wanting, or vague and can’t articulate it, she’s able to extrapolate, which is valuable for anybody, whether they have a website that’s in existence or if you’re starting a new one.

Shelby Rice
Shelby Rice Style

Jocelyn is wonderful to work with. She has the technical skills and passion. She is incredibly good at understanding and brining life to the vision that I had for my website. She understood my mission and tuned-in to my needs.
Jocelyn is very approachable and also a very good teacher. She put together several tutorials over the last serval months for me to use, which has been an invaluable resource.

I was overwhelmed by the thought of writing and keeping a blog on my website, but Jocelyn put those worries to rest. She supplied me with the information and tools that I needed so I can make more confident decisions and create a more interactive website for my visitors.

Gayathri Ramprasad
ASAH International

She worked on problems until she found solutions and is an excellent communicator. She listens well and makes adjustments as needed and this made the whole process enjoyable. There were no unexpected delays or surprises and the end product was exactly what I was looking for.

I really appreciated the time and effort Jocelyn put into helping me understand my website optimization and have referred back to her personalized instructional videos on multiple occasions to make make minor changes and updates myself.

Dr. Shani Fox, ND
Dr. Shani Fox, ND

I started working with Jocelyn when I hit website overload: Three different WordPress sites, all with a different back-end operation.

Like many solo-pros, I built my websites piece by piece. I had a very distinct vision about WHAT I wanted each one to do – but lacked the programming savvy (and patience) to make it happen. The result was predictable – website mayhem.

Being a copy-writer (author, public speaker, marketing expert and internet radio show host) I wanted a site with clean lines, simple navigation and a streamlined back-end that allowed me to create pages and update content whenever the mood struck. I’ve been using WordPress for years and would never change.

Jocelyn Mozak is the ultimate partner for my trio of websites.

Working with Jocelyn was a great experience: She dove into the mechanics of making each site work properly. She created efficiency and continuity – simple changes that make it easy for me to work behind the scenes on all the sites. She updated databases, installed new software and made sure my existing data was safely archived. Jocelyn even worked directly with my website host to address their database problems – an effort completely above and beyond anything I ever expected!

What I love about Jocelyn is her approach to client service: If I’m not asking for updates or tweaks, or lessons in how to use new tools like AWeber, she is pinging me about changes I can make to ensure my users get the most out of my websites.

Susan Rich

“I’m really loving this!!!! Thanks so much – I love that you’re so easy to work with and responsive. I’m quite surprised at the level of excitement I have about this – guess it’s all working out as it should!”

Janice Miller
BlissFul Pets

“I was searching the internet for a new web designer when I struck gold and found Jocelyn’s website. I called her and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and wonderful personality. Her services have been second to none and I thank my lucky stars to have found her. To say I was happy with her work would be a considerable understatement.”

Jack Venturi
Best Health Quotes

“I love my new web site! For far too long I’d put off creating one. The mere thought of it intimidated me. Then a friend referred me to Jocelyn — thankfully. Jocelyn demystified the process for me. She’s not only adept at the technical stuff, she’s also skilled at helping you figure how to have your web site reflect who you are. Between in person meetings and multiple e-mail exchanges, Jocelyn kept me on task in a gentle way and provided needed marketing guidance. The end result is a far more effective web site that clearly reflects who I am and the services I offer clients. Would I recommend Jocelyn’s web design services? You bet … without hesitation.”

Robin Elizabeth Pope
Robin E. Pope, Attorney At Law

“It looks BEAUTIFUL to me. It actually inspires me to write on it! It feels very different now that it matches the rest of my site, I guess matching is good sometimes!”

Maila Davenport

“Jocelyn built a great structure for our website. She was very easy to work with and had good ideas for the new site.”

Tom Sass
GTT Group

“Jocelyn is a very intuitive Web Designer. She always seemed to be one step ahead of us for what we wanted or needed for our business website. This made the process much easier for us and most of the time she was waiting for us to reply with requested input data for the site. DRL is very pleased with the results and will continue to use Mozak Design for future revisions of our site.”

Matt Purves

“After working with Jocelyn, my website showed up in number one position for my category in Google. She is smart, committed, easy to work with and is on time!”

Kaya Singer
Awakening Business Solutions

“I highly recommend Jocelyn Mozak. She is not just a great web designer but her specialty is in offering a complete integration and making sure your website gets seen once it’s built.”

- Kaya Singer
Awakening Business Solutions

“Jocelyn has been a great help to me as I’ve refocused my business which has required a website redesign. She was extremely patient with all my questions and preferences and had some great ideas as well. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to working with her on a continuing basis.”

Barbara Blackstone
Blackstone Associates

“I wasn’t an easy client to work with because I kept accidently un-doing the good work Jocelyn was doing for my website. I used a program that Jocelyn was not familiar with but she went the extra mile to learn about it so that she could help optimize my website. I brought up a new idea about search engine placement and Jocelyn immediately jumped on it and learned all about it in order to give me her professional opinion about whether it was the right thing for me. She also got the work done quickly and efficiently.”

- Elie Cole
Nourishing Medicine

“Jocelyn was recommended to me to help wrangle WordPress into a membership site for my association. I did not know what to expect and was really pleasantly surprised. She made the whole experience as stress free as possible. She brought great ideas and was able to get me up to speed far quicker than I anticipated. She’s a great team member.”

Barbara Saunders

“We have nothing but great comments and responses about our new website. Jocelyn did a fabulous job. We have more website development to come and we will not consider anyone else but Jocelyn Mozak.”

Bruce Buffington

We would love to have you as a client as well.